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Writing an expository essay demands a lot of work, including analyzing the facts and other information, explaining the idea, exposing the various definitions and examples related to the topic, and so on. The other thing about the writing to consider is choosing a clear, brief and quiet writing style which would reveal the information properly, without exposing the writer’s opinion, criticism, argument or emotions. Such type of writing designed to report information or explain what is difficult to understand. Exposition usually develops by the organized analysis and the use of examples, illustrations or analogies.
There are five main methods for writing expository essay such as: descriptive, sequence or list (classification, process), compare-contrast, cause-effect and problem-solution. Depending on your topic, you will probably need one of these methods to help you structure your writing. Descriptive exposition can be more creative, but at the same time it demands high organization skills so the writer does not go off topic or forget to provide some data. At the other hand the sequential method is usually self-organized but can become a sapless read. It the good idea to mix up the patterns you use; a compare and contrast essay can have descriptive elements, or the problem-solution writing can describe the answer in sequential order. Mix matching the methods of writing an expository essay helps to keep your work lively.
In order to write a good expository essay you will need to perform a great work of research. In this phase of writing you may want to look for some good examples of this type to help you with. Most examples will show you how to outline your essay and organize the paragraphs; make a good transition between them. It will motivate you to find an essay example that is closely related to your topic.

The examples cannot be used as your own essay. The idea of it is just to give some thoughts about your writing.

Sample of Chemistry of Love Expository Essay


According to Dr. Helen Fisher, an anthropologist of Rutgers University, love as a holistic system could be divided in three basic subsystems with their own functional goals and parts: sex drive, romantic love and attachment. Each of these subsystems would not exist without a driving force to operate and impact someone’s behavior. Even so it has a romantic base and attribute to as a sublime feeling as well it relates to a psychology and that is a fact it stirs up by hormones. That is why expression love chemistry is absolutely suitable. The following is the list of hormones and effects they are caused: testosterone and estrogen awake a strong sex drive; dopamine and serotonin are responsible for romantic love or so called attraction; vasopressin and oxytocin leads to a long lasting attachment. Let’s have a closer look to them.

Body paragraph #1

The first stage of love is the sex drive and the hormones provoking it are testosterone and estrogen. Those are male and female sex hormones that are responsible for sex-related physiological reactions. An ample brain level of testosterone appears to be important for both male and female sexual behavior. Whereas, the estrogen is the primary female sex hormone. Those are cause the presence of sex drive and in its turn sex increase the influx of the dopamine into the brain. Thereby the sex can give a start to romance and there is revealing a second stage of love.

Body paragraph #2

Attraction phase of a relationship caused by dopamine and serotonin gives an amazing time when sublime feelings completely fill someone up. At the same time those hormones cause euphoria and good mood as well as secreted after taking certain drugs. Helen Fisher asked newly formed couples to have their brains examined and discovered that they have high levels of the dopamine. This hormone is launching a high peak of pleasure. It has the same effect on the brain as taking cocaine! So that is why someone can be high from the feeling of love, act impulsively, and get stuck by the object of love. New couples also praise the relationship itself. It makes them want to stay together eternity what leads to the next stage of love attachment.

Body paragraph #3

Attachment is the relation that keeps couples together as long as to let them have and raise children. It is the most long-lasting phase of a love. And it is driven by the same hormones that are responsible for mother-and-child bonds (oxytocin) and the hormone is also believed to be released after the sex (vasopressin). There is a theory that the more sex a couple has the deeper their feelings become. So, serious relationships are more about care and tenderness, than romance and intense feelings.


All in all, the information above gives us a reason to understand expression love chemistry literally. Along wit